Chaparral Plan

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Effective Semi-Annual Weed Control

Schedule our Chaparral Plan for desert landscape treatments and Anozira Weed Control will visit your place every 6 months for both pre-emergent and post-emergent services.

Two-Pronged Approach to Weed Killing

Weeds won't grow through your rocks with the Chaparral Plan because we apply a treatment that kills weeds that are already growing and at the same time we prevent later growth.
  •     Initial pre-emergent
  •     6-month pre-emergent
Our discounted plan can save you money with:
  •     Upfront payment annually
  •     Semi-annual billing every 6 months
house with well designed landscaping

Regularly Scheduled Landscape Service

Once you sign up for our Chaparral Plan, you don't have to be on-site for us to perform our treatments. We can either get it done a few days after you place your order, or you can set up a specific appointment time.

You'll receive an invoice once we're done.

Be sure to check out our money-saving Bajada Plan and our deluxe Sonoran Plan, too!
Call 602-954-4966 and ask about 
our friend referral discount. 
Get a FREE month of maintenance
 if you sign a friend up for 
our Sonoran Plan.

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